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Excellence in Hospitality

With a 93% placement rate within the first week of receiving

a work order, it’s no wonder why Cypress Hospitality Group

is one of the top-rated hospitality recruiters in the nation. 


Executive Hospitality Recruitment

Attracting and retaining the best talent available is the key to success in any business. With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, we are uniquely positioned to locate exceptional individuals to fill your organization's key roles.


We specialize in finding professionals in the following hospitality industry sectors:





Nightclubs & Bars


Hotels & Resorts


Country Clubs


Catering & Event Organizations




We provide candidates to help you fill roles including:



Our Experts Are the Finest

At Cypress Hospitality Group we are leader in the hospitality industry employee search.

We've invested our time in building an extensive database of more than 500,000 hospitality and food service professionals. We have taken the time to review each candidate carefully and create an individualized assessment profile which allows us to place them in roles where not only their skills, but also, their experience, personality, and talents are taken into consideration. This allows us to personally identify the most qualified candidates for your needs.


At Cypress Hospitality Group we work with YOU to develop an ideal candidate profile before matching you with candidates. This is because we know that finding the right person for your position is more than just posting an ad and waiting for resumes to come in. Your success depends on finding someone who will be a great fit for your company culture and will help achieve your goals as a business owner or manager.

Our goal is simple: Find you the perfect candidate based on what matters most to you!


Our proven resources and long established industry relationships will result in exemplary candidates for your open positions. 

Our extensive experience in hospitality makes us a leading expert in hospitality industry employees and managers.


We help you find the best candidates for YOUR business, not just any candidate.

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Meet Geordy Murphy

There’s a good reason great restaurants use Cypress Hospitality Group founder Geordy Murphy to put the finishing touches on their signature restaurants. It’s the appetizer of 30 years experience, and the main course of continued proven success.
The Recipe, a Thyme Line

In 1979, Geordy’s singular passion of creating, building and operating some of the most talked about hotels, restaurants and resorts across the country begins to simmer. And over the next three decades, Geordy brings to table projects by world-renowned chefs such as: 

  • Wolfgang Puck

  • Bradley Ogden

  • David Bouley

  • Russell Siu


By 1993, Geordy develops his namesake restaurant and by 1994 it is named one of the “Top 10 Best New Restaurants” in the country by Esquire Magazine.


In 1999, Longlife Noodle Company is named one of the “5 Hottest Concepts” in the country by Chain Leader Magazine.


And in 2001 Geordy enters the new millennium with an epiphany: The finest hotels, restaurants and resorts are in a never-ending struggle to uncover and retain the finest talent. So Geordy founds Cypress Hospitality Group to purvey and acquire that talent, from the unit to the executive level.


Today, the biggest names in the business still call. In fact, more than ever for ideal candidate sourcing and seamless onboarding, necessary ingredients for a benchmark level of service-industry success.



"The variables of the restaurant business are never ending and every opening presents new challenges. Take a moment and hedge your bet. Geordy's experience and expertise will help pave the path to a profitable long term operation. 

— Chef Bradley Ogden



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